Tree Transplanting Event, 2012

John West and I took some photos yesterday as refuge staff and Friends of the BWRHNWR slaved away in the hot sun. Actually we had a great time and felt we got a lot accomplished. Ninety-one honey mesquite from MS-4 were transplanted into R-2S, along with some pig and coyote scat. Then 37 cottonwood saplings were dug up and placed in pots and will be replanted in a more suitable area. MS-4 and the other moist soil areas will soon be plowed and then filled with water, so we wanted to get these small trees moved in an attempt to save them.

Photographs and text by Jennifer Burtka

2013 Friends and Family Fun Day Catfish Paradise, Havasu NWR

The 1st Annual Friends and Family Fun Day at Catfish Paradise in Havasu National Wildlife Refuge was a success. Approximately 80 kids of all ages enjoyed archery ranges, and Arizona Game and Fish Department exhibition booth, a nature hike/birdwalk, and kids fishing on the dock. An exhibit with microscopes to view smalldenizens such as algae and shrimp was also featured. Our Friends group also had a refreshment booth with hot dogs and snacks, t-shirt sales, and information about our group. The weather was spectacular, and a fun time was had by all. Our Friends group assisted with the event sponsored by the Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge Complex Staff. Special thanks go out to Arizona Game and Fish Department for providing their wildlife display, and for providing the equipment and instruction for the kids fishing fun.

Photographs are viewable in the lightbox below.

National Public Lands Day Event, 2012

These are photographs of our Friends group and participants at Mesquite Bay Central, the take-out location for the NPLD event. Kayakers launched at Castle Rock and paddled approximately 4 miles to Mesquite Bay Central, picking up litter and trash along the way. Two local boat rental firms, Jerkwater Canoe Company and Wacko Outfitters, provided free watercraft at no charge to participants. Refuge Staff provided a shuttle bus to shuttle participants back to their vehicles, and also provided a pontoon boat to haul larger items found along the way. Our Friends group provided hot dogs and refreshments at the end of the event, along with membership information. A good time was had by all. This was the first annual event at this Refuge complex, look for a bigger, better event next year.  

Photographs by Jacky Daugherty

Wildlife Observation Tower Project, Havasu NWR, November, 2012

Our Friends group is assisting Refuge Staff with a project to apply a weatherproofing stain to two wildlife observation towers in Havasu NWR. The Photographs below are from the first day of the project on November 27, 2012. Photographs are by John West, DeeDee DeLorenzo, Jan Parrott, and Marge Penton.

Our Friends group assists the Havasu and Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuges by providing volunteer labor to assist with Refuge projects. We also provide support to Refuge Staff by assisting with their public events. Below you will find photographs of some of our Friends members in action. You can double click a photo for a full-screen view. Enjoy!​

 National Public Lands Day 2013

Photographs from the 2013 National Public Lands day event are viewable in the lightbox below. Enjoy!

Photos by J. Williams​

Friends Event Photographs
Topock Elementary School Archery Days 2013

The second annual Topock Elementary School Archery Days Event was held on Friday, January 25, 2013. The event is held to introduce young people to outdoor activities such as archery. The event was hosted by the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, and was held at Catfish Paradise in Havasu NWR. Refuge Staff members, along with volunteer members from the Friends of the Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, set up the archery ranges and served as Archery Instructors.

The morning was cloudy with occasional rain sprinkles, but the weather warmed up nicely. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 attended the event. Archery Ranges at the event included a basic archery range, a 3 dimensional target range, a target range featuring balloon and playing card targets, and a bow fishing range featuring a large 3 dimensional carp.

A new addition to the event was a target range for Kindergarten to second grade students. Small bows and safe arrows tipped with suction cups were supplied. The youngsters had a great time learning to shoot the bows.

In addition to the archery ranges, an area was set aside for Wildlife Science. Spotting Scopes, binoculars, and wildlife books were made available to the students. Refuge staff and volunteers were on hand to answer questions and assist the students in identifying birds and other wildlife in the area. Nature walks were also featured.

The event was a great time for all. The event is a tune-up for a larger event in March which will host seven area schools.

Photographs by J. Williams

Friends of the Bill Williams River and Havasu National Wildlife Refuges